SEPTEMBER 24th & 25th REIKI INTENSIVE Sacred Touch Usui Reiki Master Intensive Sat & Sun 10-5 each day | Sebastopol, CA | Cost $500 Reiki, pronounced (Ray-Key) is a hands on healing art which involves the channeling of energy through the hands for the purpose of healing the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Reiki is a healing energy that transforms and uplifts all who come in contact with it. It allows the practitioner, through attunement, to connect to and channel the Reiki Ray of Spiritual Consciousness and Unconditional Love. I have been teaching this Intensive for 26years LEARN BASIC AND SPECIFC HANDS-ON REIKI HEALING TECHNIQUES RECEIVE ALL 3 LEVELS

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Treasure Vase

TREASURE VASE Saturday, September 10, 2016 1-4pm $35* *Past Students may take the class again with donation IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND VITALITY This meditation is designed to strengthen and support healing the physical body.  It works with the energy meridians beneath the skin but above the flesh, used in acupuncture. When done daily: This method can have a very profound effect and can bring forth an inner healing Qi (energy) releasing movement in a very short period of time. It supports the practitioner in being able to easily withstand every possible environmental condition, including extreme heat and cold. It helps the body regulate it’s temperatures, so is perfect

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Summer Schedule

rainbow lotus

DON’T MISS THESE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES TO MAKE YOUR LIFE WORK BETTER NEW CLASSES BEGIN IN AUGUST ! July 2016 Newsletter Well July is here – it’s Summer!!! And true to the influences of energy found in a Fire Monkey year it has certainly been “interesting”. Situations have been moving and changing so quickly it’s often hard to keep up – emotions are flaring…. the winds of change are blowing. The gift found in the Year of the Monkey is that we can make changes in long standing habits and tendencies and situations if we can open our minds to change and hold the focus (not easy in a

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The next Reiki Intensive is now June 18-19, 2016 June 18th & 19th, 2016 REIKI INTENSIVE Saturday and Sunday, 1-5pm in Sebastopol $500 HEALING FROM THE HEART WITH REIKI In present times, those  of us who are striving to be good people and to do good in the world can find ourselves at a loss as to what we can do that will really  have  beneficial impact. The problems seem so big, the possibilities so profound, it seems so daunting – we are so busy…. Reiki -also called The Secret Method to Attain Happiness, facilitates a deepening or re-establishing, of our connection to a heart-based reality. When we live

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APRIL is here and it is spring! Yay!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is called the time of the arousing or awakening. It is the time that the Earth awakens from the slumber of winter. Fruit trees begin to flower, deciduous trees begin to leaf out, plants begin to grow, hibernating animals awaken and migrating birds return to their summer environs – to name just a few of the natural phenomenon of Spring. Spring is therefore associated with the wood element – and within our in physical bodies the wood element is associated with the liver. The liver awakens in Spring and the over all health of the liver can often be most clearly judged -and

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