An Eclipse activates the month!

It’s March and spring is certainly in the air – at least here in Northern California.
March also promises to be a month of great emotion and energy.
Just to kick the month off with a bang there is a new moon Lunar Eclipse on the 8th. Not only are the moon and the sun conjunct in Pisces on that day but they are also conjunct Mercury and Neptune.
Pisces is a sign that works with the mysterious and mystical here on Earth and with this line up of planets all eclipsed and all in Pisces, I believe that this celestial configuration is opening an energetic doorway to give us the opportunity to begin to look at reality from a Higher Perspective –  if we will.
We are being given the opportunity to see life more clearly, but that means that first we must be willing to see things exactly as they are. Pay attention to what goes on in your life this month – if you can observe what goes on with no opinion or reaction, you may find that issues and situations that seemed to be stuck with no recourse for change, suddenly present you with new opportunities for you to make your life work better.

You have an opportunity NOW to use the energy of spring to move forward strongly and to begin to make whatever changes are necessary in order for you to best achieve your goals for this year.

Learn the ancient art of House Feng Sui from a true master- an on line class offered by Master Zanze Pandit…..

How To Make House Feng Shui Really Work For You

Course Duration: 2.5 Hours each Wednesday
Date: Wednesday March 9th 5:30 PM (London Time) – 9:30 AM (Los Angeles Time)
& Wednesday March 16th 5:30 PM (London Time) or 9:30 AM (Los Angeles Time)
Tuition: Inquire here
If you are interested in learning this ancient science and how to get real results with it, this introductory course will teach you…
How to:
  •  increase your prosperity
  • have better health
  •  have more harmonious relationships.
If you have a thirst for true knowledge that will elevate your awareness, do take action to learn from a genuine feng shui master.
Course Outline
1. A Panorama of the Five Metaphysics
2. Yoga of Feng Shui and Human Being
3. How Much Effect Feng Shui Has On You
4. The Difference of House vs. Burial Feng Shui
5. The Various Schools of Feng Shui
6. Do You Need to Study Every School to Master Feng Shui
7. Why Very Few People Know About This School
8. How to Find A Beneficial House for Your Family
9. What is Form and Chi
10. In Which Years Form Disturbance Will Happen
11. Who Gets Hurt by Form Disturbance
12. Common Form Disturbances
13. Hanmi Dharma For Boosting Feng Shui Prosperity
14. Expedite Your Prosperity: Knowledge, Health, Wealth and Romance
15. How To Improve Feng Shui Efficacy
“Learning Feng Shui from Master Zanze is a continuously mind blowing experience and it has certainly increased my awareness and thus affected my private life, my work life and even my partner’s life.”
“One must be an idiot if one doesn’t have a Feng Shui analysis done – we are so ignorant and really don’t have a clue!”
“I am so relieved – everything you have mentioned is spot on.  The doctors never could figure out what was affecting my health to the extent that I ended up losing my job. And just like you said I have lost my money and my partner – unbelievable!”
“I am NEVER going to do any more changes in the house or in the garden without consulting you first.  It is SO MUCH cheaper to pay for the advice beforehand, than having to undo the decisions which have affected the life and work in such a terrible way for my husband the past two years.”
“I had no idea why my daughter has never wanted to sleep in her bedroom and it is hard to know that our choices in designing the house is affecting her health in such a way.”
“I did what you advised and I no longer have pain in my legs when I sleep. On top of that, my business has made new records since your visit, I have never had so many clients before and they just keep coming – thank you so much!”
“From a standing start, with absolutely no prior experience whatsoever, my business venture has been a complete success! I have complete faith and cannot recommend Master Zanze highly enough. His no-nonsense, simple and practical advice is priceless.”
“I have a friend with health problems that don’t seem to be improving. So I asked Master Zanze about the layout of his house. I have stayed there many times, and I feel something is not quite right. I drew a basic outline of the house and its surroundings. He advised a couple of things to improve health and wealth. But most impressive of all was how he described the family’s interactions and relationships with each other. Even with the two children who don’t even live there.”
June 18 & 19, 2016
Reiki helps to re-store your connection to your Heart Consciousness which supports us in attaining and maintaining a state of deep well-being. This is why Reiki is called The Secret Method To Attain Happiness.
June 18th & 19th
In Sebastopol $500
Joy color photo

Usui Reiki Intensive
 Living a heart-based reality creates a sense of inner ease and rightness within us and allows us to best access well-being on all levels and to awaken this state in others.


Reiki, a simple hands on healing technique, is called The Secret Method to Attain Happiness, because the attunements facilitate an awakening or re-establishing, of our connection to heart-based reality. When we live our lives in this state of  awareness, the natural rhythms of life and health and happiness with in our body can assert themselves and a state of well-being  can be achieved and maintained.


In this workshop you will :
  •  receive 2 manuals
  • be attuned to all 3 levels
  • become a Reiki Master
  • receive a certificate of completion and your lineage

Learning Reiki is an opportunity to activate with in your heart and  the world around you, the change that you want to see in the world


for more info or to sign up

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Well my friends, have a wonderful March.
I look forward to working with you soon.
In Love and Light,
Joy Metcalfe

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