April 2017 – The Time of the Retrograde


This is the month to recognize, gather and then plant, your “seeds” for radical life changes 

April 3rd through April 9th, 3 planets go Retrograde

Yes, it’s true…. Venus the planet of love and relationships, Mercury, the planet of communication and technology and Saturn the planet of lessons and limitations will all turn retrograde in early April.
As you may remember, when a planet goes retrograde (and here it is times 3!!) there occurs an opportunity to recognize where and how you are functioning in those areas of your life and then to resolve what ever  thoughts, words and deeds are not in alignment with your life goals. When you do, you can best release your intentions into the Universe and  manifest your heart’s desires.
A good way to understand the energy of early April is to think of the ebb and flow of the ocean.  At the beginning of the month, the tide pulls us into the ocean (or our unconscious), there we must sit patiently and position ourselves well (become aware of where we are and what we want) so that as the wave builds and forms we can recognize just the right time to catch the wave and use it’s power to bring us to our desired position on the shore. Often the right time can correspond to the full moon which, this month, is on April 11th.
April gives us an opportunity to gain greater clarity and insight  in the following ways:
Right Understanding – who are you really and what do you want/need to                                            create in this lifetime
Right Intention – is this desire for creation for the Highest Good and what                                       must you do/change in order to make sure it is.
Right Action – how and when to act in order to bring your desires to fruition.
If you spend some time to ponder and integrate these principles into your life, you may find that April is a great time to begin the transformation into being the change you want to see in your life and in the world……
Make the most of April …  join me in one of my classes (see below) or take advantage of my Mothers Day Special


 LAST CLASS until Fall…
Google The  Empath – and you will be shown a plethora of sites with explanations and tests to take to help you figure out how empathic you are. They make it sound like a great new club that you can be a part of – if you fit the criteria of being very sensitive to the world of emotions around you. However, for the Empath – an individual who experiences the world around them primarily though the medium of the emotions – it is not necessarily a bed of roses walking around feeling the feelings of all sentient beings – it can very very overwhelming – not to mention upsetting.
I remember when my empathic abilities took off – right in my early 20’s – I was so overwhelmed and I really really didn’t like it. In fact all I wanted to happen was for it to go away. As time went on however I began to have the realization that this empathic ability helped me give clearer and more accurate readings – after I learned how to separate the information from the energy of the feeling that is –  and there was no doubt that it made me a much more powerful and effective healer.Still, there were days and times when I questioned why me and what, if any, Higher Purpose did being Empathic  really have.
Then in 2002, I had a lucid dream. In this dream state I was with a group of people on the Causal plane and we were watching the Dalai Lama filter the negativity of the world. I watched with tremendous respect and admiration – I mean I had always held the Dalai Lama in high regard but I had never realized that this filtering  was a part of his duties as a Spiritual leader. As I watched, his attendant turned to me and asked  “Would you like him to do it for you?” and my reply (and believe me there have been many times when I wished I had responded with a  simple “Yes Please” LOL) anyway, my reply was “Oh no, look at him, he is working so hard! I am just going to have to learn to do this myself.” His attendant looked at me intensely and said “Ohhhkaay”.
And then I woke up and … I knew  how to do it…..and I also “knew” that this filtering or Tonglen as the Tibetans call it, had always been the ultimate role and duty of the empath or Bodhisattva (to use the Buddhist term)  in this physical reality.
It took me a few years to figure out how to kinda perfect the practice – via my personal understanding/experience of it  – but it’s actually relatively simple – and now it has been made clear to me that this year, 2017, is the year to share the technique with you.
The world needs as many people as possible to filter the negativity surrounding it now.
Are you ready to be a healing presence on the planet?
I hope you will join me  for:
Empathic Development
Saturday APRIL 8th
10-5pm $99


and in May…..



May 6th, 10-5pm $99
The students from my first class wanted to have the class continue so I will be offering 2 more classes to support the developing empath.
You must have taken Level I to take this class. 


MAY 20TH & 21ST 
Sacred Touch Usui Reiki
Sebastopol Ca
10:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M. each day
Cost $500
If you are ready to  take responsibility for your life and your effect upon the planet,  REIKI will add it’s healing light to guide your way
In this 2 day intensive you will: 
  • Learn basic and specific hands-on Reiki techniques
  • Attain all 3 levels of Reiki attunement
  • Become a Reiki Master
  • Receive 2 manuals and a certificate
Non-refundable $100 deposit to enroll.  Credit of $75 can be applied
To another Sacred Touch Usui Reiki workshop with in 1 year
No refund day of class


ONLY $75  (a $20 savings)
My friends, April marks a time of exciting changes and opportunities for us and the world… may your changes occur easily, effortlessly, effectively and enjoyably.
Much Love and Light to you,

© 2017, Joy Metcalfe. All rights reserved.