Treasure Vase

TREASURE VASE Saturday, September 10, 2016 1-4pm $35* *Past Students may take the class again with donation IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND VITALITY This meditation is designed to strengthen and support healing the physical body.  It works with the energy meridians beneath the skin but above the flesh, used in acupuncture. When done daily: This method can have a very profound effect and can bring forth an inner healing Qi (energy) releasing movement in a very short period of time. It supports the practitioner in being able to easily withstand every possible environmental condition, including extreme heat and cold. It helps the body regulate it’s temperatures, so is perfect

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Summer Schedule

rainbow lotus

DON’T MISS THESE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES TO MAKE YOUR LIFE WORK BETTER NEW CLASSES BEGIN IN AUGUST ! July 2016 Newsletter Well July is here – it’s Summer!!! And true to the influences of energy found in a Fire Monkey year it has certainly been “interesting”. Situations have been moving and changing so quickly it’s often hard to keep up – emotions are flaring…. the winds of change are blowing. The gift found in the Year of the Monkey is that we can make changes in long standing habits and tendencies and situations if we can open our minds to change and hold the focus (not easy in a

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An Eclipse activates the month!

It’s March and spring is certainly in the air – at least here in Northern California. March also promises to be a month of great emotion and energy. Just to kick the month off with a bang there is a new moon Lunar Eclipse on the 8th. Not only are the moon and the sun conjunct in Pisces on that day but they are also conjunct Mercury and Neptune. Pisces is a sign that works with the mysterious and mystical here on Earth and with this line up of planets all eclipsed and all in Pisces, I believe that this celestial configuration is opening an energetic doorway to

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Falls’ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

SEPTEMBER 2015 Falls’ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the last eclipse in the 2014-2015 tetrad The LUNAR ECLIPSE and AN OPPORTUNITY to help others … With my last post I wrote about early Septembers’ Solar Eclipse and how it was creating an energetic opportunity  for us to access inner clarity, in order to best zero in on the details that will afford maximum benefit to a venture while it activated the gung ho energy necessary to actually achieve those goals. And now comes…the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse… the other half of the celestial equation and it’s going to be a beauty! It will be fully visible here on Americas’ West coast and

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Fall starts with great intensity

September is here… and it brings with it a time of great intensity. If you, like me, have been watching with horror, the indescribable travails the Syrian and African refugees are experiencing as they attempt to leave their war-torn countries and flee to the (relative) safety of Europe, you have an idea of the energies in play.  From the bottom of my heart, I believe that we are entering a time when we, as a civilization, must come together and really help those in need. By transforming our separatist views we can re-create a world view based on mutual care and benefit.  And with every opportunity comes a

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