Balance Weight


1 to 3pm $45 Sebastopol

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IN JUST 20 MINUTES A DAY USING THE COMBINATION OF THE THREE MYSTERIES – Mantra Mudra and Visualization, this weight-balancing dharma will help your body to regulate weight naturally. It will also improve the immune system, guarding the body against colds, diabetes and cancer

Ultimately the reason people are over or under weight is not because of the foods they eat or their level of exercise. It is because their vital life force energy has become imbalanced.
The purpose of this dharma practice is to help the body return to its natural functioning and to regain its regulatory ability.

Then you will have good health.

Joy colortaught by Vajracharya Joy Metcalfe, Ordained Buddhist teacher, HanMi Esoteric Buddhism. For info or to register  email or call 707-829-9911