Diamond Wisdom

Diamond Wisdom Finger Mudra Visualization


Diamond Wisdom is a Chinese Esoteric Buddhist meditation technique designed to help to remove the mental obstacles that prevent success.  This meditation practice uses visualization to go from the ordinary state into the higher state, also called the Zen State. In this state of Higher Consciousness among a myriad of other benefits, the body is able to re-build energy and to support and strengthen the immune system allowing the natural intelligence of the system to revert to primary position.

This particular technique has been used for over 2,500 years to help the practitioner more easily achieve a lasting state of inner peace and in removing self-doubt by helping individuals  to calm their mind and experience inner stability.

The practice is based on the Corresponding Union of the Three Mysteries, which consists of the hands forming a mudra, the mouth chanting a mantra in silence, and the mind visualizing. This method was selected and summarized from Esoteric Sutra and Tantra.

No previous experience is necessary to participate in this workshop


“When your mind enters a certain state, then no matter what the eyes see, the nose smells, the tongue tastes or the ears hear, it will not disturb your inner world’s  stability ” (Living Buddha Dechan Jueren)


 Taught by Joy Metcalfe

 Vajracharia (Ordained Buddhist Teacher)