The Three Mysteries

Thanks to Betty Rodriguez of Diamond Buddha Temple in Canada for this article.

Body, Mind and Speech are the Three Mysteries that form the path of an Esoteric practitioner. Mudra, mantra andvisualization are the means of attaining transcendence. Hold the mudra intact so it does not come loose. Chant the mantra in silence and continuously. Visualize accordingly, in an orderly fashion.

To benefit from the meditation practice, one should simply relax, relax and relax. “Let go” is the key to enter a deeper meditative state. When meditating, sit comfortably, gently close your eyes and relax your whole body. It is not necessary to sit in a lotus posture. Many of the meditations in Esoteric Buddhism are best done sitting in a chair.

People have often asked how much time one should take to do a meditation. Time is irrelevant. It is how deep you enter the meditative state that matters. Hours pass by in seconds when you are in “the state”, and seconds become a long time when you are not. Practice makes perfection. Perseverance makes practice. Practice daily.

Learn the methods to help yourself so that you are able to help others. When you cannot even help yourself, wishing and wanting to help others is merely a dream, not a reality.

Know yourself. Change yourself. Conquer yourself. When you no longer fight yourself, when you no longer fight others, when you no longer fight to enter Samadhi, when you have finally surrendered yourself, and when you begin to have humility, you are on the path.