Reiki Clinic

Reiki Clinic Program Reiki Masters, develop and expand your healing knowledge, abilities and confidence.

Meets the 3rd Saturday of every month for 9 months $125 per month

We will be working at a Sonoma County clinic with patients and working with animals in different settings.

Under my guidance you will learn:

  • How best to put together a healing program specifically tailored to the needs of each individual.
  • More tools and techniques to facilitate strengthening your healing practice AND your spiritual development.
  • To build and strengthen your Medical Intuitive and Channeling abilities.
  • What building exercises you can do to ensure that you don’t get burned out working with critically ill people.
  • How to recognize and work with, your empathic healing abilities.
  • How to be proficient in giving Long Distance healings.
  • And much much more…


Every month we will focus on developing different tools and techniques to deepen and expand your healing abilities. This will ensure that you can become proficient in using them. We will be giving our clients Long Distant healings during the month.