Jan & Feb Class Reminders

February is almost here, you can make this the month to recognize, resolve and release anything in your life that doesn’t truly serve you by joining me in the transformative classes I’m offering.  These classes are designed to help you make the most of 2012.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Prepare for 2012  

& Recover from the Holidays Week-end

In Sebastopol  

Saturday & Sunday February 4th & 5th, 2012

 Sign up for the whole week-end – $135 or take the classes individually


Consciously Creating

10am-5pm $75

Make the most of 2012

more info below…


10am-1pm $36

Balance Weight

You can maintain a healthy, balanced weight through the Integration Practice of the Three Mysteries.  Practice only about 10 minutes a day and there may be a miracle in a few weeks.


3-5pm $36

Beauty Yoga

Here is a method to promote youthfulness and a youthful appearance.  Practice only about 10 minutes a day.



10 am -5pm $75

2012 marks the time when our planet enters the dark rift of the Milky Way and we will be facing – literally – the very core of our reality. It is a time with tremendous opportunities for spiritual growth and awareness.

This class will help you make the most of the opportunities available to you by helping you:

  • Understand what you really want and need for 2012
  • Create your chosen realities – with consciousness INTEGRITY and in alignment with the energies of the time!
  • Recognize, resolve and release, the obstacles to creating your heart-felt reality
  • And so much more!!

If you believe that change for the better must first begin within, I invite you to join me in Consciously Creating the life YOU want to experience in 2012.

Click here to contact the office for more information or to register.

FEBRUARY 18TH   2012


  • Join my Reiki Healing Clinic
  • Work at the Integrative Health Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa
  • Work with cancer patients who are attending the clinic on an out-patient basis 
  • Learn how to create a healing session based on the specific needs of every client
  • And so much more…

Meets the 3rd Saturday of every month for 9 months (9am-5pm)

Cost $175 per month 

Joy Metcalfe’s Hospital Reiki Internship was one of the most profound, enlightening, and enriching experiences of my life.  AG Class ’10

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