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Just a reminder that Master Zanze’s Feng Sui Fundamentals Skype class is this Friday at 7pm PST. Don’t miss your chance to sign up and learn real tools and techniques of Feng Sui to help create and nurture, prosperity, success and health at home and at work.

Feng Sui online Skype course

 Friday, June 6, 2014, 

 7pm to 10 pm


 Skype at home or at Joy’s in Sebastopol

Feng Sui is perfect tool to help you support and sustain whatever new, healthier and happier situations you may wish to create in your life and Master Zanze Pandit is amazing in his accuracy and acuity regarding this ancient art.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn some of the real- and powerful – principles of Feng Sui- read the information below  and don’t forget to click on the testimonial links too!

How To Feng Shui In Your Favor To Improve Prosperity, Have Better Health And Achieve Success!

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese study about the nature of reality. First used by those in the known to gain victory on the battlefield, it can be applied in any field of life to enhance your chances of success, health and prosperity. Feng Shui has been used in China for 4700 years because it works!

Don’t Forget 
My next Reiki Intensive is coming up soon!
June 21 and 22nd 
In Sebastopol
Usui Reiki Intensive
 Living a heart-based reality creates a sense of inner ease and rightness with in us and allows us to best access well-being on all levels and to awaken this state in others.
Reiki, a simple hands on healing technique, is called The Secret Method to Attain Happiness, because the attunements facilitate an awakening or re-establishing, of our connection to heart-based reality. When we live our lives in this state of  awareness, the natural rhythms of life and health and happiness with in our body can assert themselves and a state of well-being  can be achieved and maintained.
In this workshop you will :
  •  receive 2 manuals
  • be attuned to all 3 levels 
  • become a Reiki Master
  • receive a certificate of completion and your lineage

An opportunity to activate with in your heart, the change that you want to see in the world  


for more info or to sign up

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