JOY METCALFE is an internationally known Holistic Health
Counselor, writer, lecturer, Reiki Master and Teacher, and
Vajracharya. She started the Reiki Pilot Program at St.
Luke’s Hospital, San Francisco and was Director of the program
from 1994-1999. This highly successful volunteer program
used proven Reiki techniques to better the physical
and emotional conditions of patients in the Sub-Acute Ward.

As a Medical Intuit and Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, Joy has guided thousands of individuals
towards a healthier, more fulfilling life and helped them clarify and achieve their goals.
Both in teaching and in her healing sessions, her techniques are clear, effective, supportive,
and sensitive to the specific needs and conditions of the individual. Doctors and other health
practitioners refer many people to Joy.

For more info – read the full bio here.

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